NPCs of the Wastelands

Jimmy 17 September, 2015
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NPCs of the Wasteland

For an enjoyable apocalypse

NPCs of the Wasteland is a collection of  releases containing one fully rendered Non-Player Character for your gaming needs.

Each and everyone in the collection has a unique story and personality that will add extra spice to your Post-Apocalyptic gaming experience.

You can buy as a bundle or each one separately.

Published to date are:

  • Dog On A Leash
  • Caught In The Noose
  • Half A Scout
  • The Feral
  • The Pale Wanderer
  • The Pretty Prisoner
  • The Wheeler Merchant
  • The Gangrene Avenger
  • Slave #146


  • Fully rendered illustrations.
  • Background story and adventure seeds.
  • Formatted for ease of use.
  • Updates are free for life.
  • Post-apocalyptic.

How do I get this?

  1. Purchase directly at our Studio Store
  2. Purchase at the RPGnow [external]